Cast Alloy Wheels


We have been repairing cast wheels for decades and our wheel repair specialists have the experience of thousands of repairs. With this knowledge we ensure all repaired wheels are done so with your safety in mind. If there is any doubt about the quality of the repair, we will tell you not to use the wheel. That being said, wheels are very strong and we have repaired some astonishingly bent ones!

Wheel Repair

Please call before posting your wheel to us. Depending on the amount of damage

to the wheel we may be able to tell you over the phone if we feel it can be

repaired or we may ask for photographs of the damage. This will save on unnecessary postage if your wheel cannot be repaired.


Before posting your wheel for repair, it is important to remove the tyre and spindle but leave the bearings in. We will charge extra for tyre and spindle removal.


When posting a wheel, please ensure it is packaged securely in a strong cardboard box with enough packing to protect it from further damage during transit.



Please note that sometimes a wheel will crack, during repair, in such a way that it is unsafe to weld. If this happens, we will declare the wheel as scrap and can either be returned to you for disposal or disposed of by us. If the wheel is unrepairable, we don’t charge you for anything other than return postage where required.