New Spokes for old wheels

We can make spokes to all patterns.

Yamaha Z spoke, we do a replacement in 4mm stainless steel wist steel or nickle brass nipples

Honda/Montesa Little LH thread spokes we make these in house and in 4mm Stainless or in the High tensile galvanised metal

Honda/Montesa long spoke rh thread we make in house in 4mm Stainless or in the High tensile galvanised metal

we carry in stock many variations or butted spoke in stainless Polished and unpolished from 11 swg to 5 swg the metric equivalent 3.5mm to 6mm.

Car spokes made to sample 5mm to 7mm in stock Galv and Stainless steel.


we carry a full range of standard diameters from 12,10,9,8.7.6,&

Metric spokes are made to order from Samples supplied rod diameter start from 3.5mm 4mm 5mm and 6mm.

Conversion plates

The Comstar to spoke wheel adaptor plates produced by us in 1984, these enables virtuall any rim to be laced onto the  honda hub for the Dream super dream and CBX and CB1100R plus other models, call us.

New product Conversion plates for the Z spoke hubs these plate will convert the z spoke hub into a conventional looking wheel and enable the use of standard spokes and tubeless rims