Motorcycle Spoked Wheel Repairs

Blue Hub

Fully refurbished wheel


Roy Thersby began building spoked bicycle wheels as a teenager for Jack Taylor but his passion for motorcycles soon moved him on to bigger more powerful machines. Before long he was building motorcycle wheels and has never really stopped since.

Wire Wheel Service

We can do as much or as little repair work as is required by you to get your motorcycle wheel working again.


If your motorcycle rim is still in good condition then we can simply re-spoke and true your wheel.

Rim and Re-spoke

A bent, warped, cracked or badly rusted motorcycle rim will almost certainly mean replacement. We can either use one supplied by you or provide a new rim for your wheel. If you need a new rim, you

Rim & Re-Spoke

Fully refurbished wheel showing original damaged rim

may want to have your hub cleaned or  vapour blasted and powder coated. We can do all of this for you and return your wheel to you fully restored.

Many spoked motorcycle wheels have an offset, this means the hub is slightly off centre when looking at the wheel from the top. The offset is very important to us so we can ensure your wheel is rebuilt properly. Where possible, please do not cut out the spokes yourself or the job of rebuilding your motorcycle wheel gets that bit harder!